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Floor Jack Reviews

floor jack reviews

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Human Rights: Judicial Protection in the United Kingdom

Human Rights: Judicial Protection in the United Kingdom


A review by Phillip Taylor

As Lord Bingham remarks in the foreword, this is indeed ‘a buzzard’s eye view’ of the existing legal landscape in the UK following the ushering in on 1st Oct 2000 of the Human Rights Act 1998.

Taking the metaphor further, the authors -- High Court judge and Professor, Jack Beatson and his four colleagues – ‘soar above the landscape, noting the contours of existing case law’, while at the same time retaining ‘an acute sensitivity to the detail of what is taking place on the ground.’ ‘A new day and a new legal culture’ have been initiated, he notes, in which ‘it cannot be gainsaid that rights already existing have been immeasurably strengthened....’ adding that after eight years it is now time to take stock.

What has been produced here by Professor Beatson and colleagues is the first comprehensive account of the ways in which human rights are protected in the domestic laws of the UK. The personal, temporal and geographical scope of the Human Rights Act is fully examined and

as stated in the authors’ Preface, the book consists almost entirely of new material.

The book amply fulfils the need for a thorough and definitive work that ‘concentrates on the constitutional status and operation in practice of human rights at common law, under the Human Rights Act, and under the three devolution statues.’ In its discussion of general principles such as proportionality, weight, deference and remedies – it introduces material not covered in such detail in any other major human rights title.

Focussing on the interaction between the Human rights Act and existing statutory and common law remedies; and the case law of the European Court of Human rights under Articles 41 and 46, it assesses the impact of human rights law on the decisions of public officials and gives a detailed account of the protection of human rights under the devolution statutes in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Just a glance at the massive tables (over 130 pages long!) of cases, statutes, statutory instruments, international treaties and conventions and European community treaties engendered by the HRA will act as convincing an indicator as any, of the impact of the HRA in the laws of the United Kingdom. It is therefore thought provoking to note a crucial point made by the authors, that: ‘it is important to recall that many of the rights that are to be found in modern declarations of rights were long ago protected by the common law’...including the tort of false imprisonment, the writ of habeas corpus, the long cherished right in the common law of freedom of speech, and so forth. Note the authors’ assertion that the HRA lays down a “floor” and not a “ceiling” for the protection of human rights in domestic law.

As Lord Bingham concludes, ‘this book will be a boon to both scholar and practitioner...and a major contribution to the literature on human rights.’

Drunken Jack's - Our Table View

Drunken Jack's - Our Table View

While visiting Myrtle Beach last year my family and I ate at a restaurant called Drunken Jack's, My family had been before but I had not. They said we needed to get there early because the place is really good and stays crowded. I didn't think much of it and thought it would be like every other sea food spot in MB. Just fried fish, hush puppies, and a buffet with 100 items. Anyhow the first thing I noticed about DJ is how far away it was from MB. DJ itself is located in Murrells Inlet, its about 20-25 mins away. We got there at about 5:00 and was told there was still about an hour wait. Keep in mind were are there during off season at the end of September. Yet DJ is located on this wonderful "Marshwalk". So you can stroll up and down it checking out the wonderful water or looking at other near by restaurants. Or you can grab a drink and sit outside and also look at the gorgeous scenery.

What is really funny about DJ, is that there are three floors. However two of the floors are bars/lounges. That's why the wait is always an hour+. They want your drinking, not eating. So after about an hour we our seated at what had to be the best seat in the house. The table literally looked out over the water, and along with the sunset it was really something. The food was great and the service was also fantastic. While many reviews I read about the place are negative, you gotta realize you are gonna have to wait. "Patience is a virtue"

Drunken Jack Restaurant and Lounge
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

floor jack reviews

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